Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dia de San Patricio

I'm in Peru today, with Joe. It is a very long story as to why we are here and not in Quito, but suffice to say that it turned out to be a pleasant change of scenery, in spite of the adverse circumstances. Lima, as I failed to mention here the last time I was in Peru, is a great city, and one I really enjoy.

Tonight we went out to dinner to a great restaurant called Osaka. It serves up a beautiful selection of Japanese-Peruvian fusion food, including some of the best sushi I've ever had, the absolute best seaweed salad ever, and some really great sesame tuna. It is in San Isidro, at Conquistadores 999. They eat late here, but if you need reservations call 222-0405.

After that, we decided to celebrate Saint Patrick's day in the traditional style, at Murphy's Irish Pub (Schell 627 in Miraflores). It was quite an experience, with a wide variety of folks, local and international, young and not-so-young. There was a rather amusing MC leading a beer-drinking tourney and singing Irish drinking songs. The pick at right was from before the bar was packed to the gills. It got even more crowded as the night went on.

A good time was had by all.


Chamomiles Davis said...

Hey, Damsel! I hope you and Joe are having a pleasant stay in South America.

I remember reading somewhere that Peru has a higher-than-expected Japanese population. In fact, wasn't one of their presidents (Fujimora) the son of Japanese immigrants?

Did you win the beer-drinking tourney? :)

DamselFish said...

Lots of Asians here, which makes the already-awesome Peruvian cuisine that much better. Yumo.

I didn't participate in the beer-drinking tourney. It would have been unfair. Others need to win sometimes, too.