Wednesday, June 22, 2005

In Between Times

I'm writing on the recommendation of the Professor, my lovely fiancé, who, when I told him that I was bored at work, suggested I write about being bored in one of my blogs. So here you go. I did ask him who would really want to read about my being bored, and he didn't think that it mattered. So, if this is irritating to you, you really have him to blame.

I just started a new blog that I'm pretty excited about. It is all about my knitting, crochet, and other craft projects. I think that if you told me ten years ago that I'd be doing a blog on knitting, I would have told you you were nuts. But, it really is therapeutic and addictive (yes, something can be both!); and it is rewarding to give gifts to people that you make with your own hands.

So, we just finished a huge global proposal here at work, and now we're in this weird limbo state. Most of us have little to do except deal with that way-back-burner stuff that we avoid religiously when we are doing more interesting things. I took care of that stuff, and now have absolutely nothing to do. Really. So, why am I still here you ask? Because the boss of the boss told me that he had something for me to do 1 hour ago. I have something that I would rather be doing -- knitting. Or crocheting. Or the Washington Post Crossword.

In fact, I will do the crossword now. Yesterday, I did the whole thing with no hints. I'm getting better. I can't wait until I actually achieve that elusive goal of being able to go for a whole week with no hints. I am particularly fond of the crosswords that have a theme. I love figuring out the theme. It makes me feel smart. Today's is pretty easy, but I needed two hints. Oh well. Still no word from the boss of the boss as to what the mystery task is.

Maybe I'll read Slate now...

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