Thursday, June 30, 2005

Going to Peru

I will be headed to Peru for work on the 10th of July. Our office there needs me to help with a proposal, which is due on the 21st of July.

I'm very excited about going to Peru, but not excited to stay in another hotel and never really see anything interesting of the country. I hope that the country rep or someone there can plan a site visit to a project while I'm there, so that I'll actually get to see what we are doing there.

I'm hoping that while I'm there I'll be able to take advantage of the long history of fiber arts in Peru and purchase some handspun alpaca! I would like to get enough yarn to make Joe, myself, and maybe some other lucky soul, a sweater, and a bit more to swap.

I think that I prefer to travel for fun. If I look into my secret mind, I will probably find that I got into this line of work for the adventurous travel opportunities more than for the philanthropic element.

I will post from Peru.

The Professor and I are going on a road trip for vacation to see his clan in NW PA for the fourth. We will be camping and running around, so I'll blog that, too.

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