Monday, July 31, 2006

Proxy War

I think that this quote, published in the Washington Post today, is really telling. When put in this light, the implications are horrifying.

"It's really a proxy war between the United States and Iran," said David J. Rothkopf, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of "Running the World," a book on U.S. foreign policy. "When viewed in that context, it puts everything in a different light."

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RDR said...

The leadership of the current Administration in Washington seems to believe that you can force people to want a different system of government than they have. King George tried to force people who wanted a different form of government to be loyal to him. It didn’t work. Why should it be in our national or the world interest to continue trying to force a change of government on people who don’t want change?

It seems that we should get out of the middle east and begin trying to understand and work with people as they are and stop trying to make them as we want them to be. There is no way to win against an entrenched insurgency that has military and financial support from others and whose people don’t value life to a greater extent than martyrdom.