Monday, August 01, 2005

Death of a Revolutionary

This morning John Garang, the leader of Southern Sudan's rebel movement the SPLM, was killed in a helicopter crash.

Regardless of what you think about revolutions, rebel movements, or the Southern Sudanese, John Garang was a unique and powerful character. He managed, albeit by an iron hand, a successful war to gain increased autonomy for Southern Sudan. In the wake of that war, 2 million died, mostly of disease and starvation, and the jury is out as to whether it was worth it.

This conflict has always made me ask myself when do people finally say enough is enough and choose war to effect change? And how can war effect positive change when the human costs are so high?

For the sake of everyone in Sudan, let's hope that the new leader of the SPLM continues Dr. Garang's commitment to the peace accords, and manages to reign in the riots in response to his death.

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